🎛️Multi-Wallet Integration

Step-by-Step Guide to Multi Wallet Integration with AlcaBot:

  1. Access AlcaBot: Open your Telegram app and navigate to the AlcaBot chat. If you haven't already, start a conversation with the bot by typing /start.

  2. Click on /wallets: Initiate the multi wallet integration process by typing /wallets command.

  3. Select Multi Wallet Option: AlcaBot will present you with the option to integrate multiple wallets. Choose the "Multi Wallet" option to proceed.

  4. Add Wallet Addresses: Follow the prompts to add the wallet addresses you want to integrate with AlcaBot. You can add addresses for different cryptocurrencies or different accounts within the same blockchain.

  5. Verify Wallets: AlcaBot may require you to verify ownership of the added wallets for security purposes. Follow the verification instructions provided by the bot to complete the process.

  6. Manage Wallets: Once the integration is complete, you can manage your added wallets by typing /wallets command again. AlcaBot will display your integrated wallets and allow you to switch between them easily.


  • Double-check wallet addresses before adding them to avoid any errors or lost funds.

  • Regularly update and manage your integrated wallets as needed.

  • Be cautious and mindful of the transactions you execute through AlcaBot to prevent any unintended actions.

Enjoy the convenience of managing multiple wallets seamlessly with AlcaBot. Happy trading!

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