• Project Inception: The idea for AlcaBot is born, and the team starts laying the groundwork for the ambitious crypto trading project

  • Market Research: Comprehensive market research is conducted to identify the unique value proposition and potential competitors in the crypto trading bot space.

  • Team Formation: A talented team of developers, blockchain experts, AI specialists, and marketing professionals is assembled to bring AlcaBot to life.

  • Tokenomics Design: The team finalizes the $ALCABOT tokenomics, ensuring fair distribution, utility, and sustainability for the AlcaBot ecosystem.

  • Smart Contract Development: The development of AlcaBot's smart contracts begins, emphasizing security and efficiency to support various functionalities.

  • Platform Architecture: The technical architecture of the AlcaBot platform is designed, outlining the integration of AI, MEV protection, and lightning-fast transactions.


  • Security Audits: External security audits are performed on AlcaBot's smart contracts and platform code to ensure robustness against potential vulnerabilities

  • Private Beta Testing: AlcaBot conducts a private beta testing phase with a select group of users to gather feedback and identify areas for improvement

  • Public Beta Launch: The platform is opened to a wider audience for public beta testing, allowing more users to experience AlcaBot's functionalities

  • Community Building: AlcaBot actively engages with the crypto community, building a strong online presence and social media channels.

  • Marketing Campaign: A strategic marketing campaign is launched to create awareness about AlcaBot's upcoming official launch.

  • Token Sale Preparation: The team prepares for the public sale of $ALCABOT tokens, setting clear timelines and distribution mechanisms.

  • Official Launch: AlcaBot is officially launched to the public, marking the beginning of its journey as a cutting-edge crypto trading companion.


  • Public Sale and Token Distribution: The public sale of $ALCABOT tokens is conducted, and token distribution to participants is initiated.

  • Listing on Major Exchanges: $ALCABOT token is listed on prominent cryptocurrency exchanges, increasing accessibility and liquidity for users.

  • Launch of AlcaBot Platform: AlcaBot is officially launched, offering users access to AI-powered trading features, AlcaBot Sniper, and MEV protection.

  • AlcaBot Mobile App Release: AlcaBot launches its user-friendly mobile app, enabling users to trade and manage their portfolios on-the-go.

  • Partnership with DeFi Projects: AlcaBot forms strategic partnerships with leading DeFi projects, expanding its integration and utility in the decentralized finance space.


  • Advanced Auto-Sell Strategies: AlcaBot introduces advanced auto-sell strategies, allowing users to automate profit-taking based on multiple indicators.

  • Community Governance Implementation: $ALCABOT holders gain voting power to participate in key platform decisions, fostering a decentralized community.

  • Expansion to New Blockchains: AlcaBot expands its support to additional blockchain networks, enabling trading on multiple chains.

  • Enhanced Security Features: Advanced security measures, including multi-factor authentication and biometric logins, are integrated for enhanced user protection.


  • AlcaBot Analytics Dashboard: Users gain access to comprehensive analytics and performance tracking, empowering data-driven decision-making.

  • Margin Trading Integration: AlcaBot introduces margin trading options, offering users the opportunity to leverage their positions.

  • NFT Trading Support: AlcaBot expands its capabilities to include NFT trading, allowing users to diversify their crypto portfolios.

  • Global Expansion: AlcaBot's services are made available to users worldwide, with language support and localized content.


  • Yield Farming Automation: AlcaBot integrates with major yield farming protocols, enabling automated farming and compounding for users.

  • AlcaBot Academy: A knowledge hub is launched, providing educational resources and tutorials on cryptocurrency trading and strategies.

  • Cross-Chain Bridge: AlcaBot implements a cross-chain bridge, facilitating seamless asset transfers between supported blockchains.

  • Algorithm Marketplace: Users can access a marketplace to explore and purchase advanced trading algorithms from vetted developers.


  • AlcaBot Social: AlcaBot introduces a social platform where users can connect, share insights, and discuss trading strategies with the community.

  • Decentralized AlcaBot Nodes: Community members can run decentralized AlcaBot nodes, contributing to the network's efficiency and security.


  • AlcaBot Payment Gateway: AlcaBot introduces a payment gateway, enabling merchants to accept cryptocurrencies effortlessly.

  • Ecosystem Integration: AlcaBot integrates with other platforms, dApps, and crypto services, becoming a central hub for traders.

  • Smart Order Routing: AlcaBot implements smart order routing, automatically routing trades to the most favorable exchanges for the best prices.

  • AlcaBot V2 Launch: A major upgrade, AlcaBot V2, is released with enhanced AI capabilities and new features.

  • AI-Driven Portfolio Management: AlcaBot introduces AI-driven portfolio management, optimizing asset allocation for risk-adjusted returns.

  • AlcaBot Enterprise Solutions: AlcaBot offers enterprise-grade solutions for institutional traders and businesses in the crypto space.

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