🐋Whales' Trading Insights


Ever wished you could follow the trading moves of crypto whales effortlessly? With WhaleBot, it's now possible to track any wallet address and front-run their transactions, ensuring you don't miss out on exciting opportunities in the crypto market.

With WhaleBot, you can:

  1. Front-Run Whales' Buys: Stay ahead of whales by executing your buy orders right before they make theirs, securing your position in front of theirs with your desired amount of BNB.

  2. Save Time and Effort: Let the whales do the research to find promising gems; with WhaleBot, you can capitalize on their findings without wasting a second sifting through countless coins.

  3. Front-Run Whales' Sells: Protect yourself from being impacted by major holders' large sell-offs. Track their wallets and exit your position just before they make their substantial sells.

WhaleBot's Key Features:

  • Track up to 5 Wallets: Monitor the transactions of up to 5 different wallet addresses for strategic insights.

  • Mempool Scanning: WhaleBot scans the mempool for transactions initiated by the tracked wallets, ensuring real-time tracking.

  • Front-Run Buys and Sells: Seize opportunities by front-running whales on both buy and sell transactions.

  • Individual Bot Tracking: Track bots using specific methodIDs to gain insights into their trading activities.

  • Customized Buy/Sell Conditions: Set your own buy and sell conditions based on your trading preferences.

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