🗃️Token Utility and Economics

ALCABOT, the native utility token of AlcaBot, offers a range of current and planned functionalities, designed to enhance your crypto trading experience and provide exclusive access to advanced features within the AlcaBot ecosystem.

  1. AlcaBot Access:

Join the thriving AlcaBot Network as a Provider or Consumer by becoming a member. To qualify, maintain a crypto wallet balance of at least 50,000 ALCABOT tokens.

  1. ALCABOT Premium Access:

Elevate your trading game with ALCABOT Premium, an all-access membership to the most sophisticated crypto trading strategies expertly managed by AlcaBot. Hold 100,000 ALCABOT tokens in your connected crypto wallet to unlock ALCABOT Premium.

  1. Reducing Trading Fees:

Embrace reduced trading fees on AlcaBot DEX, our decentralized perpetual futures exchange, by utilizing ALCABOT tokens. Traders can enjoy a 50% reduction in trading fees, maximizing their trading profits.

  1. Funding Proposals:

Stake your ALCABOT tokens to gain the ability to submit funding proposals for algorithmic strategy development, subject to the network's governance voting process.

  1. DAO Governance:

Exercise your voting power as an ALCABOT token holder to influence funding proposals for algorithmic strategies and the overall platform initiatives of AlcaBot. Your voice matters in shaping the future of AlcaBot's crypto trading network!

Unleash the potential of ALCABOT tokens and gain exclusive access to a world of advanced trading features and governance capabilities. Embrace the power of ALCABOT and be a driving force in shaping the future of AlcaBot's crypto trading network!

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